Doing Business With Purpose

Buying from BIPOC-owned businesses, shops, and brands is one of the many ways to strengthen your allyship by aligning your commitment to racial equity with your actions and spending practices. Your money can make a difference and strengthen the local economy, especially when you continuously buy BIPOC for everyday needs. We hope that you'll find some new favorite services or products here that you can continue to shop for long-term — and, because we're just scratching the surface with this new resource, we promise to continue updating it. Please insert your email address to be notified when the site is live.

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ShopBIPOC will be launching Summer 2022. To join the community and to be notified when the marketplace launches, please fill out the contact form below.

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Seller --- A BIPOC-owned business in Colorado that wants to be listed in Shop BIPOC.


Individual Buyer --- An individual interested in purchasing from BIPOC-owned businesses.


Business Consumer --- A business interested in diversifying its supply chain. Partner --- An organization that helped create ShopBIPOC.


Anchor Institution --- An employee of a large institution (hospital, university, museum, unit of government) that is interested in diversifying its supply chain.


Congregation --- A member of Co-Purchase Colorado and therefore interested in aligning purchasing with social and racial justice values.

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