We work to transform the current economic development system to a more inclusive and equitable model that prioritizes democratically-owned businesses, emphasizes local procurement, and ensures social, environmental, and institutional sustainability

Our Mission


Our mission is to mobilize, facilitate, and coordinate community wealth building efforts with the practical objectives of widening community education on economic alternatives, enhancing diverse participation and fostering viable projects for the creation of just and sustainable jobs and democratically-owned businesses in the region. ​​

Our Vision


A people-owned, inclusive, and sustainable Metro Denver economy that catalyzes prosperous and resilient communities free from racism and injustice.

Our Values 


Economic Justice

Where access to opportunity is guaranteed by policies and institutions that allow for everyone to attain economic security and have the opportunity to contribute with dignity to their own well-being and the common good.


Bringing the voices, talents, contributions, leadership, and inspiration of everyone, including those traditionally excluded, to build economic justice.


Igniting our imagination, creativity, and collective power to create community wealth.


Inspiring a fundamental shift within individuals, communities, institutions, and systems to support a thriving local economy and sustainable way of life.