80205 Cooperative Development

Worker owned cooperatives and democratized ownership is a key strategy for the Center for Community Wealth Building in co-creating a people-owned, inclusive and sustainable Metro Denver economy.  Increasing the number of worker owned businesses in Metro Denver, particularly in the 80205 neighborhood, is directly in-line with building sustainable long term community wealth.  We must build an ecosystem supportive of launching and sustaining worker cooperatives.  This ecosystem will include those who live, learn, work, play or pray in 80205.  

Our outreach strategies will include individual community members, partnerships with organizations and associations to engage those connected to 80205 in the aforementioned (live, learn, work, play or pray) categories.  Given the critical financial situation and looming risk of closure for many small businesses over the next several months conversion to worker ownership  could be an effective strategy for preserving the small business sector. ​