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A people-owned, inclusive, and sustainable Metro Denver economy
that catalyzes prosperous and resilient communities, free from racism and injustice.​

What is Community Wealth Building?


Strategies that lift whole communities, both economically and socially. This term encompasses a variety of efforts for empowering communities, creating and maintaining dignified jobs in locally grounded businesses, and reshaping and strengthening the framework of inclusivity.

​In addition to Quality Jobs, Economic Mobility and Economic Prosperity, Community wealth also involves positive relationships and experiences; family and friendships; sense of pride in one's neighborhood and community; talents and skills; ideas and ability to express them; health; art; culture; nature; integrity and connection to values and purpose.

Why is Community Wealth Important? 


​In Metro Denver, communities are now facing limited access to living-wage jobs, adequate and affordable transit, safe and affordable housing, parks and open space, healthy food options, and quality education. The insufficient conditions and lack of intentional efforts to ensure that all communities prosper, has created an environment that excludes communities of color from opportunities to fully thrive. Community wealth building is an essential strategy towards closing the wealth gap. ​

Community Wealth Building Strategies

High Fives
Democratizing Ownership

Cooperatives play a critical role in building community wealth in our communities. CCWB promotes and advances the field of worker cooperatives to create an inclusive economy and better jobs.

College Campus
Engaging Anchor Institutions

Community Wealth Building works with placed-based institutions such as hospitals, universities, and municipalities to craft and implement a strategy that focuses on local procurement, local hiring, and local investment.

Candle Store Owner
Strengthening POC Businesses

Local businesses contribute to the well-being of our communities.  CCWB works to strengthen the environment by connecting entrepreneurs to technical assistance, affordable capital, and new markets. ​